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resolutive  and  definitive  principle,  a  god  not  god,  an  unstable  and  whimsical
               dominator  marking  by  his  imprint  the  world  ordered  then  by  bureaucrats  and
               scribblers.  The  chaotic  disorder  is  motion  no  god  seated  on  a  throne  of  any

               world religion or mystical belief will ever be able to stop, because it is stronger
               and  more  powerful  than  any  divinity  accepted  and  covered  by  honours  and
               jewels.  The  god  is  intolerant  dogma,  anti-art,  the  chaos  so  mistreated  by
               common sense is tolerant motion, pure art in the move of shifting chances and
               dismantled  categories.  Destructuralism  exalts  motion,  the  freshness  fighting
               every dogmatic root of thought for an open mentality which is independent of
               the language one learns by heart because of devote stubbornness and awe to
               stillness and common sense (a construction as deleterious as artificial).

               Destructuralism’s  key  points  are  simple  and  clear:  anti-flattery;  counter-
               anthropocentrism;  publishing’s  mechanisms’  unveiling;  experimental  literary
               visionariness’  exaltation  to  tell  a  truth  throughout  lie;  abatement  of
               prepackaged myth and as alleged as fallacious indisputability of poetry, art and
               literature; the debate against common sense, to be clear, the one envisaging a

               conspiratorial attitude and assessment’s absence on behalf of careerism; fight
               against any kind of fanaticisms and intolerances.

               The blog “Destructuralism” is anarchic, that means it is not politically aligned
               and does not trust in parties’ game. Any attempt to pull it on either side to make
               it slave will be nipped in the bud.

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