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                     Destructuralism                                          Blindflowers©

                          and besides.                                       (Translation by

                                                                          Mariano Grossi©)
                    What is Destructuralism?

                Kronos creates and devours his children according to eternal change’s law.
                Creation  itself  does  not  exist  in  reality’s  terms,  it  is  a  cyclic  and  natural
                phenomenon that man defines as a beginning, in synthesis it is only a phase,

                a merely aleatory concept, exactly as the one of centre. A centre does not
                exist, a beginning does not exist, an end does not exist. It is human brain,
                that, by convention and for ease, creates these false myths. Sic et simpliciter
                in the moment when new items of awareness are born, a different mentality
                takes  birth,  one  speaks  about  creation  and  beginning,  to  underscore  that
                something  moves  into  the  perennial  stillness  of  what  is  already  seen  and
                given and decided. But maturity is already in things’ natural order, inborn to
                men, and this order that is born as chaos and destruction, is only seemingly
                chaotic. It is a matter of an aware and necessary revolution, of a due meal, of
                a natural fight, of an intellectual inquiry and a justice which is not afraid to
                devour old order’s children to build a new one.

                What      appears      even     as     a     true  one,  the  one  exploding  inside,
                “construction”  made  by  men  is          called  or  sought  by  nobody.  It  exists
                nothing but “food”, the meal of the        because it is there and this matter of
                old  order  which  precedes  and  will     fact,  hidden  by  too  hot  spices  of
                have  to  be  ousted  by  a  new           politics  and  system,  must  be  saved
                metabolism-destructuralism            of   from the rotten meal of the old regime

                concepts  dismantled  and  parceled
                in  their  essential  elements  finally    containing  pills  forgetting  talent,
                laid  bare,  in  the  destruction  of      indifferent  to  it  and  totally  alien  in  a
                privilege and corruption which are         time  which  is  no  time  stating  its  “it
                parts of this by now rotten meal, in       is/it is not”, continuously, relentlessly,
                the  elimination,  through  a  dutiful     even  though  ages  pass  from  a
                analysis,  of  what  makes  nature         passage  to  another,  unfortunately
                unnatural and degrades talent, the         ages, not-ages of troglodyte inactivity.

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