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“One day, The Elevator sprouts an eye
                                                                                                      That watches us kissing
                                   Making love is so good then

                                                          As the elevator trembles throbs and hums
                                                          As the mirrors turn concave and convex”…..

                Ra  Sh  in  his  inimitable  style  makes  an  elevator  ride  so  layered-  the
                throbbing metropolis and its elevators with people going up and down, the
                sexual intimacy in the elevator and the privacy and lack of it all entwined in
                one small poem.
                The title of one of the poems “Thousand ways and one way to leave’ bring
                to my mind a favorite lyricist Paul Simon and his “Fifty ways to leave your
                lover”. For those who want to see creative use of language, it surely is this

                “How do people leave?
                How did she leave?

                Stepping across a terminal line of dormant deceit?
                Crawling through a glass wall of crashed desire?
                Sliding through a membrane of mounting misery?
                Slithering through a mirror of tired dejection?

                How did she leave?”

                One of my favorites is ‘Me, my wife and the other- confessions of a rotten
                Sample a few lines -
                “Wife cooks, feeds, cooks, feeds
                Makes my bed, serves me meals in bed.
                I crave the other….
                Wife waits outside ICUs
                Puts up with my tantrums
                Buys all my medicines

                I crave the other …”

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