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Vandana Kumar

                               Vandana Kumar, a poet, translator and educator
                               is a high School French teacher in New Delhi.

              Having                  read
              ‘Architecture of Flesh’ by
              N. Ravi Shanker (Ra Sh),

              the  wait  for  his  next
              poetry collection seemed
              rather  long.  He  is  a
              powerful  voice  in  the
              contemporary  world  of
              poetry. His poetry is not
              for the faint hearted. Not
              for  those  who  believe
              that  poetry  is  a  few
              luminous stars and fairy
              tales with flowery words
              sequencing              each
              verse.Don’t  go  looking
              for acrostics, sonnets or

              quatrains  that  play  with
              form  and  seldom  go
              beyond the rhyming

                 pattern et al. Open this book of poetry at your own risk, if you want stark
                 naked  honesty  stare  you  in  your  face.  In  a  world  that  has  too  many
                 politicians,I am glad Ra Sh is one of those few poets left.
                 The  collection  of  poems  dissects  it  all-  love,  lust,  inadequacies  and
                 fulfillments- in and out of bed. Sexual politics or love? Dominance or love?
                 Madness or love? And the metaphors go deep.
                 He makes you think about your every day and in that about the impact of
                 globalization and the consequent alienation of man.
                 In ‘Moral death of an elevator’- the lines go

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