Page 78 - January 2021
P. 78

‘Kintsugi by Hadni’ by

                                            R E V I E W

                          N. Ravi Shanker

                                             (Ra Sh)

                                    Ra Sh (Ravi Shanker N)

                    Ra  Sh  (Ravi  Shanker  N)  has  published  English-language  poems  in
                    many national and international online and print magazines. His poems

                    have been translated into German and French. He has published three
                    collections  of  poetry  -  ‘Architecture  of  Flesh’  (two  editions)  by
                    Poetrywala,  Mumbai,  ‘The  Bullet  Train  and  other  loaded  poems’  by
                    Hawakal  Prokashan,  Kolkota  and  ‘Kintsugi  by  Hadni’  by  RLFPA
                    Editions, Kolkota. He is from Kerala , India
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