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Now, I did have a mind
          to  write  about  this
          place  ever  since  I
          visited  it  a  few  years

          back,      but      never
          seemed  to  get  around
          doing  it.  Every  time  I
          breathed in the city air,
          it  engulfed  me  with  a
          fake  sense  of  speed
          and an endless pursuit
          of              contrived
          necessities.        Never
          ending  errands,  the
          constant       fear     of
          running  out  of  time,
          productivity  quotients
          … and in the middle of

          all  this  mayhem  the Only to flash before my inner eyes once again, in my hours
          beautiful sleepy village of quietude…especially in the wee hours of the morning, in
          of    Bagori     stepped between sleep and wakefulness, while a new day unfolded
          back     into    oblivion just outside my window. It helped me easily slide between
          every time.                  the  two  worlds…  one  with  hills,  valleys,  flowers,  and
                                       butterflies that I called home, and the other in which I chose
                                       to live in.

          The day we alighted at the Garwhal Nigam guesthouse in Harsil, Uttarakhand it
          was  snowing  mildly.  The  snow  brought  along  with  it  a  biting  cold  that  was
          characteristic only to places at such a high altitude. The lack of heaters and the

          scanty  staff  at  the  guesthouse  only  exacerbated  the  situation.  We  chose  the
          property because of its close proximity to the Himalayas and the emerald green
          Ganga flowing at its feet, thinking it would be picturesque. However, the snow-
          clad mountains kept reminding us of their mighty presence in the form of squalls
          and icy gusts throughout our stay. At night, the bed was a sheet of ice, and a roll
          over from one side to the other was a feat of sorts.

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