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           Captain,  but  I  did  not  fully  trust  you.  The  watchman  was  one  of  us.  Who  was
           Santiago? He was nothing but a dwarf deckhand with no power, or so we thought.
           Santiago’s heroism from the previous night was forgotten, all turned against him.
           When the watchman officially blamed Santiago for sinking the Santa Maria onto
           the reef we supported him. All agreed the dwarf would be tried in Spain. On the
           island, he was put in chains and bound to a tree at the edge of La Navidad to keep
           him from capturing your ear.

           There was a brief time of joy, when we sailors built La Navidad. It was good to be
           with women again and to weave stories to tell back in Spain. None of us worried

           that you would abandon us to the island. We knew you would return because the
           bulk of the Santa Maria’s cargo remained at La Navidad because The Nina and
           The Pinta were not built to carry such a haul. None of us dreamed that it would be
           us that disappeared.


           Captain  Columbus,  nightfall  is  coming  and  I  am  too  weak  to  write.  I  regret  to
           report that I see the natives approaching in the distance. If I can believe my eyes,
           Santiago is with them, riding high upon the shoulders of a large man. The natives
           must have freed him from the burning boat on the hill. How happy they seem, all
           smiles, walking towards me over the ashes of La Navidad, singing a song of unity.

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