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                                       Kelle Grace Gaddis

                               Kelle Grace Gaddis is Works at Entrepreneur and
                               Writer / Editor / Owner of Brightly Press / Mind for
                                hire and Internationally acclaimed intuitive from
                                                  Washington, US

                Captain Christopher Columbus,


                It is I, Paulo Lopez, third in command of the Santa Maria during its ill-fated return
                journey from The New World. If you find this letter, you are holding onto the last
                true account of what happened here.
                As you bid us, we foraged timbers from the sinking vessel to build La Navidad,
                Spain’s  first  colony  on  the  islands.  Tragically,  the  colony  fell  to  savagery.  The
                crew is dead, save me, and my fate is yet unknown.
                The natives burned La Navidad to the ground and murdered seven sailors with
                clubs. I too was badly beaten but have, so far, survived. The crew that escaped
                the initial attack was not spared. They were cruelly marched into the sea by the
                natives and drowned. I could not help them. My injuries are too severe. I fear the
                natives will return at any time. If any of them know that I am alive they will surely
                kill me.

                We mistook the islander’s initial kindness, their broad smiles, as acceptance of
                our taking charge. What fools we were. Soon after you left for Spain aboard the

                Nina,  the  natives  became  violent,  enraged  that  we’d  taken  gold  from  the  mines
                and bedded their women.

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