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                                                 Sangita Singh

                                      Sangita Singh is poet and short story writer from
                                                        Dehrahun, India

                 Well!  It’s  a  very  short  story,  it’s  not  a  story  also,  rather  it’s  a  narration  of  an
                 incident, which I found very profound.

                 My next door neighbor was an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ghansyam Pant. Mr. Pant
                 was  a  retired  government  officer.  We  were  very  close  to  each  other  as  my
                 husband always used to be out of station and old couple’s kids were settled out
                 of town. Most of my leisure time was spent with them.

                 After few years Uncle passed away. Even I had to shift from that house. Aunty

                 was left almost all alone but her youngest son, who was a bachelor shifted in with
                 her. I used to visit her frequently. One afternoon, I called upon her  while I was
                 returning from my usual grocery shopping.

                 I  found  her  lying  in  a  couch  in  her  sitting  room.  She  seemed  very  upset  about
                 something. I sat beside her and wiped her rolling tears. When I asked gently the
                 cause of her tears, she cited me the happening that troubled her so much.

                 There she goes by pointing her fingers at the rented out rooms on her first floor.
                 She said a sparrow had built a nest in one of the rooms. It had few nestlings in
                 her nest. And in the morning Aunty had washed her ground floor veranda, after
                 that she had put on ceiling fan to dry it. Unfortunately, from nowhere the sparrow
                 flew in. It got chopped to death by those blades of the fan. Aunty was feeling so
                 sad and guilty.

                 She  said  softly  as  if  mourning  the  death.  “She  had  committed  a  grave  sin  and
                 that’s  troubling  her  a  lot”.  Tears  rolled  down  on  her  wrinkled  cheeks.  It  really
                 moved me to tears see her crying.

                 Only Solace I could give her by saying that it was no fault of hers but rather it was
                 sparrow’s destiny.

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