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Bhuwan Thapaliya

                                     Bhuwan Thapaliya is an economist  and
                                a poet writing in English from Kathmandu, Nepal.

                    If You Say                                    A bottle of you

                                                                     I often carry
                    If you were never to say, "I                     with me,
                    love you"                                        a bottle.
                    then my darling, I would paint                   And at
                    the Sun                                          tense
                    with the Moon and the Moon                             moments,
                    with the Sun.                                    when the
                    Oh! Then the Moon shall                          Mon sweats
                    freeze the Sun                                   and the Sun
                    and the Sun shall smoulder                       gets bitten
                    the Moon.                                        by the frost,          I sprinkle

                    Then no such certainties as                                             a few drops
                    the day                                                                 over myself
                    and the night would exist.                                              from that
                    Beloved, yes, time would die,                                           bottle
                    if you say, "I don't love you"                                          a bottle

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