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The House Of Absentees

                                            Moulinath Goswami

                                   Moulinath Goswami is a renowned poet from
                                            Asansol, West Bengal, India,

                 Everyone lives here, but no one lives
                 This house of absentia
                 Where everyone is present, but all are absent
                 A house that throbs with lifeless heartbeat

                 Every morning
                 Shadows wake up from sleep - a slumber that does not end,
                 sip tea in ornate cups, preparing themselves
                 for a myriad of mandatory emotions that have no feelings

                 Talking a million words that never speak
                 Walking a thousand streets that go nowhere

                 Making a hundred friends who never befriended
                 Loving someone whom one never loved

                 Been watching this house for fifty years

                 They drop in because they belonged there
                 They drop out because they weren't there
                 I've lived, but I haven't lived there

                 Decades walk through, generations pass
                 They all come to live but no one lives
                 In this house of absentia.

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