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Field of Dreams

                          (The Nature of Fantasy)

                                                Alex Nderitu

                                  Alex Nderitu is a Kenyan poet, playwright and

                             Walking through a field of dreams,
                             I saw some most unusual things:
                             A beggar donating to a millionaire,
                             War tanks being modified into tractors,
                             Bullets being smelted into saucepans,
                             A Democrat kissing a Republican,
                             Jungles once again flourishing with tigers and pandas,
                             A gazelle chasing a cheetah, hell for leather,
                             A Love Parade organized by Adolf Hitler
                             (The drum major being Heinrich Himmler),
                             The Sun slowly rising from the West,
                             Pirates uninterested in a Dead Man’s Chest,
                             Mozart composing rap songs while wearing bling,
                             A sparrow lifting a mountain with its wings,
                             And my beautiful Indian neighbour in love with me;
                             Hugging me; laughing with me; caressing me;
                             As we roll around…in a field of dreams.

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