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The breath

                                     Brindha Venkataramani

                                Brindha Venkataramani is an Indian poet who lives
                                                      in Singapore.

                          Weaning the source of oxygen                    There comes a point in life
                                                                          when we look for meaning
                          from the mother’s blood

                                                                          For what we have done and
                          Entering this world with                        what we ought to do

                          the first ever breath
                                                                          Realization strikes, life is
                                                                          all about the breath
                          Moving on with the endless

                          waves of opportunities                          The quality of which
                                                                          we seldom focus

                          Getting carried away

                                                                          How gracefully we lived
                          hither to tither                                How peacefully we leave

                                                                          This world with
                          Not once stopping to see                        the last ever breath

                          what the breath says

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