Page 49 - January 2021
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Wallpaper  Words And The

                 Babble  From  A Seen  Brook

                                           Edward Mycue

                                 Edward Mycue is a renowned poet from San
                                                  Francisco, US

                            Plus after everything-elses have arisen

                            with the stars gone and we are left talking to

                            trees, sky blue in bright sunlight, a “meandering-you”

                            might be fortuned

                            with a “yester-you” who we can see on a thought-train passing

                            through unnoticed before.

                            Then “Who left the cap off of the toothpaste”

                            is tepidly heard, plus some gossip: “Tabloid bores

                            said he just got drunk and fell down” (with distractions from

                            national news – alternatively

                            inflicted).  But arrogance rules covering and clouding all

                            common dangers issuing madness

                            some Trump houses in his head.

        litterateur                            9                                          january 2021
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