Page 48 - January 2021
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Bauman for dummies

                                       Anna Maria Dall'Olio

                                 Anna Maria Dall’Olio (1959) from Italy is  devoted
                                     herself to fiction, poetry and playwriting.

             Just celebrating togetherness
             Just believing severalness

                                                                            self-propelling particles
                                                                       (repeating missing originals)

             swarms scatter                                                         line up
             (any link is useless, I think).

                                      Fleeting movement, fleeting target:
                                        the asymptote for perfect goods.
                                  Swarms choose: beware the precondition.

             Running builds up           hoping builds up:

                                                                   systems get around the promise
                                                            priceless booty slips into the dustbin.

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