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Unborn Extermination

                                       Aishwarya Prabha

                                 Aishwarya Prabha  is a poet from Amroha (Uttar
                                                    Pradesh, India)

                        She is still a social wound,
                        Surrounded by crowd and sound,
                        The sound of the impostures and the dominant,
                        Who thought, only they are born to become the prominent.

                        Save me! O mother!  Save me!
                        She pleaded her smothered,
                        They'd vanish me, I'm feeling so bothered,
                        I'm your blood reflection,
                        Provide me some protection!

                        If I'm murdered,
                        Will you all exist?
                        I'm your only producer,
                        Then why you all resist?

                        It hurts a lot to me,
                        The sight going on when I see!
                        I'm a seed right now,
                        Yet you wanna make me flee.

                        What will you get through my extermination,
                        For the human cycle, prime necessity is my preservation,
                        Inclined towards me like a devil,
                        The world without me will become so terrible!

                        You fear what society would see me as,
                        Like a catastrophe and a blessing less,

                        One day I might even break the societal limits,
                        And I won't be as much as timid!

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