Page 45 - January 2021
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I Have No Home,Sujata

                                            Moumita Alam

                                 Moumita Alam is a renowned poet from West
                                                   Bengal, India

           I have no home, Sujata.                                    my father had kept those

                                                                      as memories before the new look
           I built one
                                                                      of my house and mine.
           earning from ten to five
                                                                      Now all looks new as new colours of
           and working from morning to morning

                                                                      my father's house.
           every brick I chose with
                                                                      I have no home, Sujata.
           a bit of extra love.

                                                                      I didn't know
           I have no home, Sujata.
                                                                      My home was a myth.

           The walls of my home                                       My home is like meandering

           had cartoon stickers I got with the chocolates             from the womb to the graveyard.

           when I was only seven

                                                                      I have no home, Sujata.
           till the house got plastered few days back

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