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                                       Jillian Hanesworth

                                   Jillian Hanesworth is a social justice poet from
                                Buffalo NY who writes with the intent of promoting

                                     Life's a collection of choices and chances
                                     And changes and glances
                                     And lessons and karma
                                     And blessings you prayed for
                                     And money you slaved for
                                     Just to realize that it's still not enough
                                     And it's still Monday morning
                                     Only ten o'clock
                                     So you threaten to stop
                                     But don't cause you can't
                                     So you wake up the next morning
                                     And roll out of bed
                                     Just to do it again
                                     And you hope and you pray
                                     That you're doing it right
                                     But you never know
                                     That's the thing about life.

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