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One Centigrade

                                          Michele Nigro

                                   Michele Nigro is poet from the province of
                                     Naples. He has has lived in Battipaglia
                                        (province of Salerno) since 1978

                                          With the coming of the first
                                          night-time warmth
                                          through the open window
                                          street scares reach up to me.
                                          Someone bumming down the alleys
                                          moans a lament, “Mom, mom!”
                                          life withdrawal symptoms
                                          a sleepless siren among my dreams
                                          desperate bell chimes
                                          heatwave shindigs
                                          and easy knives.
                                          I love the cold that calms everything
                                          under a motionless veil

                                          raunchy molecules cool down,
                                          I look for the winter that hushes
                                          like a strict teacher
                                          the chilly pains of the world.

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