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Kicking-Out Time

                                            Patricia Walsh

                                  Patricia Walsh is a poet  born and raised in the
                                     parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork, Ireland

               Time frame and space to guide you out
               Overdosed and obviously not taking care
               Interrupters mar a whole night
               Lightly sprinkled with a suspicious glare
               Needing no-ones fault but your own
               High-pitched conversation mars anyone’s fun
               Spilling onto the sidewalk, resigned as a lamb
               Hunch a way forward, home recommended.

               Sugar free bullets nicely lead back when
               The easily-led suckled on your speech
               Hung out to dry now, hiding behind betters
               The slightest error hits you from left field.
               Another drink? Should you now?
               Some collateral damage sues for peace
               Wash sins clean, to be white as snow
               But never while judgement makes its seal.
               A singular drink’s actions call for posterity
               Allowed to remember, allowed to forget
               Hypocritical orders don’t stall the favours
               The night bestows, delighting in a shame.
               The heat is on, thank God for small mercies
               Drinking against fear a hardwired insanity

               Reduced to sinking feelings in a glass
               Admonished to silence, watching boats sink.

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