Page 38 - January 2021
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The Second Coming

                                           Periman Phillip

                                        Periman Phillip is a poet from Texas

                                        My friends dropping dead
                                        left, right, all around me
                                        I call their names through
                                        tears so dumb numb shed

                                        the dreaded loss expected
                                        women I loved died
                                        not too many to count
                                        one is enough for grief
                                        I never thought she'd die
                                        without saying good-bye
                                        all those I forgot to love
                                        the girl next door to us
                                        the silent man who taught me
                                        to listen loudly have vanished
                                        into a realm of not knowing
                                        walk with me, I still can move
                                        talk to me, I still can hear
                                        hold me tight, it is still day
                                        I am afraid of the dying of the light
                                        and the second coming of the night

        litterateur                            8                                          january 2021
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