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Mind The Gap

                                                Dora Kaskali

                                    Dora Kaskali is  a short story writer and poet
                                        who lives and works in Thessaloniki.

                                        Whose feet are dragging steps
                                        on the dusty road?
                                        For what arms are the sleeves lamenting empty?
                                        Pain with his chisel

                                        is working overtime on our bodies.
                                        A race of half humans
                                        we bleat on the wide roads
                                        of our unfair time.

                                        We will not take your artificial limbs.
                                        We still remember that the chest
                                        is resting in the cotton of the palm
                                        that the mouth seeks a warm vagina
                                        that keeps in its hideouts
                                        all of lust's salt.

                                        We will raise sails in the mayhem
                                        until tender hands will grow
                                        until hunter’s legs sprout.
                                        We will make again
                                        skin from the remembrance of the caress.

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