Page 35 - January 2021
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2020's Disease

                                                Beau Blue

                                    Beau Blue is a renowned poet living in the
                                        Santa Cruz Mountains, in California.

                                    Wilkinsburg, city of churches,
                                    a suburb of Pittsburgh,
                                    ravaged by Polio,
                                    the summer disease.
                                    Frightened parents,
                                    Doctor Salk's vaccine.
                                    Every child at Johnson's

                                    School was marched past
                                    Nurse Smiley to Doctor
                                    white coat and his instruments.
                                    All the fathers exhaled,
                                    moms went back to jarring condiments.
                                    The deaths were talked of constantly,
                                    newspaper pics of iron lungs in rows.
                                    The battle of the century was won
                                    but foot soldiers left on crutches
                                    were all children on their own.
                                    Now another epidemic tornados
                                    through the countryside unfettered.
                                    The viral casualties
                                    invisibilities, all that can be shown.

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