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                                         Nafisa Parvin Irani

                             Nafisa Parvin Irani is a short story writer and poet from
                                             Malda, West Bengal, India.

                             I am hungry
                             For good house
                             For good living
                             Though I am fine...but
                             I am hungry.

                             I felt a chest pain
                             So went to the doctor
                             He prescribed some tests
                             Suddenly, I felt fear
                             I am hungry for life now.

                             Entering the waiting lobby
                             I see pale faces
                             Everyone is anxious
                             Regarding their diseases
                             A chilled sensation ran down my spine
                             A bed ridden patient
                             Counting his breaths
                             A newly mother
                             Feeding her child, wearing mask
                             I am nervous, too
                             As I am uncertain about
                             My future.
                             Among the tensed faces
                             I see a little angel
                             Fearless and innocent
                             In her own world of happiness
                             She is wearing no mask
                             Glad and worriless...
                             Blooming like a rose among
                             The quee of grave goers
                             She is a fresh fragrance
                             Of life...
                             I am hungry
                             Hungry of a healthy life.

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