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                                                Jeff Weddle

                             Jeff Weddle is a poet and writer living in Tuscaloosa,

                        Alabama. He teaches in the School of Library and Information
                                      Studies at the University of Alabama.

                                              There are lessons
                                              to be found
                                              like in random notes
                                              played on the keys
                                              on an old piano
                                              the mute grace
                                              in the orbits
                                              of celestial bodies
                                              or the slow stride
                                              of an ancient cat
                                              across a dull
                                              wooden floor.
                                              There are lessons
                                              in harmonics
                                              and discord
                                              and other mysteries.
                                              The old masters
                                              understood this
                                              even as they
                                              on their meaning.
                                              Lessons you would
                                              do well
                                              to notice
                                              as you busy yourself
                                              with silly things
                                              like the love
                                              who will never have you
                                              or her touch
                                              or life or death
                                              or tomorrow.

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