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An eternal love

                                                Tapas Dey

                                         Tapas Dey is a renowned poet from
                                           Coochbehar, West Bengal , India

                                      your choice is beyond purview
                                      and mine is eternity.
                                      Stay wherever you are
                                      with your unperishable youth.
                                      And with my vernal bloom
                                      I'm walking along the rosy path
                                      that is made of my belief in you.
                                      If it is a distance of thousand years
                                      be it.
                                      No morbidity,no infirmity and no

                                      everlasting sleep can touch us.
                                      So,as horizon is in the eternity,
                                      with the steady pace day and night
                                      keep I must forgathering for ages to come.

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