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                         (Portuguese word: The love that remains after someone is gone)

                                      Carolyne Afroetry MA

                        Carolyne M. Acen (Afroetry) is a Ugandan Spoken word poet,
                                               writer and counselor.

                                                                       Residues of my
                                                                       ardor for you
                                                                       spill copiously
                                                                       out of an air tight
                                                                       container we used
                                                                       to call home.
                                                                       An apparition of you

                                                                       makes catcalls from
                                                                       a hailing distance.
                                                                       I, an embodiment
                                                                       of my depravity lies
                                                                       forlorn on the leeward
                                                                       side of romance.
                                                                       Melancholy reflections.
                                                                       Emotionally stranded.
                                                                       At the crossroads between
                                                                       loss and desire.

                                                                       This unequalled contrition
                                                                       creeps out of my
                                                                       eyes and patches my
                                                                       The longing for days,
                                                                       A wish for the restitution

                                                                       of covenants buried.
                                                                       Us, now a blank page.
                                                                       A cage within a cage.

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