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The Swamps of Yesteryear

                               Maria do Samei
                                                              ro Barroso

                             Maria do Sameiro Barroso (Portugal) is a multilingual
                           poet, translator, essayist and researcher in Portuguese
                           and German Literature, translations studies and History
                                                    of Medicine.

                               I write from a golden age,

                               as old as childhood,
                               veiled and mysterious
                               like a garden of Hesperides.

                               I never forget about the sick
                               animals of the night

                               and the harpoons of stars
                               waking me up,

                               but all I can retain is
                               a stray shadow, sea pebbles,

                               round glasses of aroma,
                               velvet orchids, amber rows,
                               rolling fish, boats,

                               and islands of myself surviving
                               among camellias, white doors,

                               shatters of light,
                               and demiurge birds flying over

                               the swamps of yesteryear.

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