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An Exuberant Virgin Butterfly

                                             Kamrul Islam

                                   Kamrul Islam, a Professor of English,  born in
                                     Bangladesh is a published bilingual poet,
                                     essayist,translator and short story writer.

             Treading the shattered dreams,

             I traverse the woods and gentle trees
             To know the tales of birds’ music .
             Old leaves cuddle the new to bring
             The milieu of vernal grace,
             The clouds move with brilliant moods,
             The doctors search for words spent
             To mend the scars and wounds of souls .
             Peace and love, the magical wand,
             The scintillating way for greater bond
             To surmount the odds and worldly pains.
             Not utopia, an exuberant virgin butterfly,
             Wings of spectacular divine colours,
             Shows the blissful road to walk on...

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