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The Olympian Tryst

                                      Sudipta Chowdhury

                               Sudipta Chowdhury is a renowed poet from India

                                           Would love to be your day's charmer,
                                           Where I am your fave Royal Highness
                                           Humming in your window shade
                                           With my cold splash of impishness.

                                           You saw my crescent growing
                                           From the heart of the mirador
                                           Imbued my soul in your incandescence;
                                           Solemnized my tenue with high fever.
                                           The Universe blushes in coyness
                                           In your one pneumatic mien,
                                           My tickled pink toes seek your touch
                                           In the billowy wave of the Ocean.
                                           The epodic night, belongs to you
                                           Hold the whiffs tightly in your plumage
                                           Where the silhouette of my dewy visage,
                                           Playing hide and seek behind the moon.
                                           Let's flare up the wild velvet inside us
                                           Dribble deep into this celestial rendezvous
                                           As high as the vault of heaven
                                           As long as the lyrics of an aeon.

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