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Art of presentation

                              Dr Sanjeew Kumar Chowdhary

                              Dr Sanjeew Kumar Chowdhary is a poet and short story
                                                writer from Delhi, India.

                                                           Making mountain out of mole

                                                           Has become most favorite goal
                                                           To hog the lime light
                                                           Walk over a sky rope

                                                           in a way obviously tight
                                                           Raise controversies out of blue
                                                           That may not lead to any clue
                                                           Shout at top of your voice
                                                           Leave people with no choice

                                                           To draw public attention
                                                           Pick up bone of contention
                                                           Create all sorts of confusion

                                                           Use sleight of hand-card-tricks
                                                           with all artifice and illusion
                                                           Mix a bit of emotive notion
                                                           However bizarre may be the potion
                                                           Serve it with tag of nationalism

                                                           Be famous inculcating new art of journalism
                                                           Don't fathom why you lie
                                                           Repeat it convincingly time and again

                                                           Truth inside will easily die
                                                           Soon popularity will come
                                                           screaming your way
                                                           Just enjoy your heyday

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