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Something Has Lost

                                       Perwaiz Shaharyar

                              Dr. Perwaiz Shaharyar is a poet and story writer
                                    from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, INDIA

                         It was my thought
                         That the moments of my life
                         Will pass even without being captured
                         In the cage of your scented locks
                         But, it was my misconception
                         Your memories,
                         Like waves under waves of a dwindle
                         Get mixing in my entire way of life
                         Never lets me take rest
                         I have thought,
                         Besides your sweet eyes,
                         There are other enchanting paths and beautiful arms also
                         Apart from your blond velvety arms
                         But, it was my misconception

                         Memories of your serpent like plait of hairs,
                         Even after the passage of a long time
                         Puts on something like a chain around my feet
                         Get my legs stopped, suddenly!
                         Someone draws a Luxman Rekha, a circle around me
                         Some stone like lines get appeared, at once, in front of my eyes
                         I have thought, even without you,
                         My life could have decorated, days could have shined,
                         Nights could have spread fragrances
                         But, it was my misconception
                         Today, when I look back
                         I find myself standing alone
                         Looking for, as if, something has lost of a traveler
                         In the mysterious dense jungle of your golden memories

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