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Pick Up the Phone

                                       Nayanjyoti Baruah

                                     Nayanjyoti Baruah is a prominent poet
                                                from Assam, India.

                                   Pick up the phone mom,
                                   I have something important to say.
                                   For God's sake, please pick up the phone.
                                   How can I inform them
                                   To blanket themselves at home?

                                   There is a war going on outside;
                                   War between civilized people
                                   Among sophisticated people
                                   On the paths in front of the Sun.
                                   Soldiers have no arms but made of anything
                                   Whenever it is necessary.

                                   Pick up my phone sister.
                                   Call your husband to return home
                                   And buy more merchandise
                                   For days, for weeks, for months.
                                   Close all windows, and shut the doors,
                                   Lock yourself inside a trunk or drawer
                                   Or under the bed.

                                   Guilty proves later,
                                   Death arrives at the dawn bed.

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