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Home Again

                                       Marvin R. Hiemstra

                              Marvin R. Hiemstra is a Poet, Humorist, Critic, and
                                  Entertainer from San Francisco, California

                                                       Age three I explored our Iowa farm house yard
                                                       lined with kind maples.  A quarter size
                                                       chartreuse frog dropped on my wrist, gave me
                                                       a knowing look, and a sotto voce “Croak!”

                                                       That instant I became an essential part

                                                       of Everything with a italic capital E.
                                                       I had bonded with another intrepid survivor.
                                                       Our chats were frequent and comforting.

                                                       I learned much later that tiny frog had evolved
                                                       to  live at the top of thirteen foot tall
                                                       prairie grass (farmers ploughed it all under)
                                                       so frog and family climbed into the trees.

                                                       Satan’s Sweetie Pies bought a dozen farms
                                                       for an Atomic Energy Plant when, SURPRISE,
                                                       those slow as molasses 10 below zero
                                                       thoughtful Iowans actually pulled the plug.

                                                       Plan was zapped: Iowa sanity won.
                                                       A Prairie Preserve near Prairie City
                                                       made sense.  Seeds were collected.
                                                       20 Bison took a charter flight from Montana.

                                                       This very moment: National Wildlife Refuge
                                                       twenty miles from where I hatched you can
                                                       find those tiny chartreuse frogs once again
                                                       up in the prairie grass crowns sound asleep.

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