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Somebody Give Me Some Water

                        Cause I’m Dying of Thirst

                                               Jakima Davis

                                       Jakima Davis  is a Poet from Mount
                                                 Vernon, New York

                                            It’s still nice to be Jakima Davis
                                             Place my mark upon the walls
                                              I’m climbing up on the walls
                                               And knocking down tables
                                            Stuck in the middle of nowhere
                                              Head into the summer skies
                                             Going crazy in the moonlight
                                                I’m so dope and so fresh
                                               The turntables scratching
                                                 What a beautiful world
                                              I’m playing the grand piano
                                                Wait for the golden years

                                                I can do it with water too
                                                I can tan in the hard sun
                                            Keep my solo thing the hardest
                                           Lying my feet up soaking in water
                                               People think that I’m crazy
                                                   What a lonely night
                                                Keep it hard and simple
                                              Pluck and pop it like a guitar
                                               I’m the bow and the violin
                                                  When I bust I explode
                                               State it in black and white
                                                I’m lock up in handcuffs

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