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Stick Insect

                                             Lola Haskins

                                Lola Haskins is a poet  who have collaborated with
                               dancers, actors, painters, and musicians, especially
                                   composers. Lola Haskins  lives in Gainesville,

                                           Florida and Skipton, Yorkshire.

                      Whoever named you
                      did not see you as you are:

                      elegant as a fine kimono
                      with your four understated wings
                      dark green against your dark red body.
                      The way it tapers to elongated pincers
                      is lovely enough to bring anyone's brush to tears.
                      I was certain I could render
                      your pleasures for all the world to see
                      but I have come to realize
                      that there is something in you
                      I cannot paint
                      and will never understand.

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