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Sue Zhu

                           Sue Zhu is a Chinese poet, painter , translator, organizer of
                                international cultural exchange, lives in Auckland.

                                        The Wind bell

               Always in the dream. Combing                         Without you, the gold-like sheen will be
               The long and short lines of the days                 dimmed
               Draw the clouds curling and spreading                Lilies cannot but swallow the songs,
               and withdrawing                                      silent until death Without me, your
               Record the mood brought to sea water                 solicitude when visiting in plain clothes
               by the full moon                                     Will not be exposed to the world
               Spring flowers and autumn fruits,
               returned to the earth                                We are the carrier of existence and
               Flying snowflakes, are defined as the                lyrical expression
               pledge of love                                       Emotion to each other
               Until you have kissed my forehead                    Tied by a line

               Aurora in slumber, begins her heartbeat                                    4
               In the wind, we have loved, walked past              Too heavy a missing, too light the
               The stories                                          words
               Seeing off far away …
                                                                    To avoid gravity, excusing oneself from
                                     2                              being abruptly promoted
               The revelator of love, you do not come               Only a little solicitude
               Myriads of hills and rills, floating clouds          Is angling the blue sky
               Adhere to frigidity. You come
               To tell the secret, known by everybody               The oath, disperses in a breathing
               Perhaps, I most directly receive favour              I fail to hold, the lingering voice
               from you                                             Wafts afar across the mountain
               When I do not know what is love, just
               In your solicitous concern about me                  You come, to give me the first cry
               Without reservation, to speak out my                 And depart, leaving me the dirge of
               mind                                                 living like a slave
               If you do not believe, just listen …                 You are the person who ties a bell to the
                                                                    neck of the tiger, and
                                        3                           The person who unties the bell in my life
              The wind, wishes to fly over mountain tops
              In waiting, has finished the wasting
              Of time from year to year                                              Translated
              At the crossroads with autumn filled with lilies,            by Zhang Zhizhong ( China)

              a rainfall after another rainfall, successively
              I yearn for some expression

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