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                                   Pina Piccolo is a poet and editor  From Berkeley,
                                               California and lives in Imola

                October Dream of Gathering

                    And we gathered darkness by the basketful
                    Plucking the twisted fruit from fatigued branches

                    We were caught with our snouts rooting for tubers
                    As destruction besieged the canopy

                    When the elements, at long last, turned against us
                    We couldn’t use words as shields

                    Nor could our tools expand
                    Our neural net fast enough.

                    All we could do was stare
                    the bear in the eye

                    hoping for a truce

                    a trace of mercy.


                    It hardened like amber
                    Trapping the meaning

                    And the silence
                    And the intonation
                    When the earth no longer received it
                    And the wind wouldn’t carry it
                    And the species couldn’t bear its weight
                    It got stuck there with a flea
                    To precede the clay tablet
                    And to follow the lung fish fossil
                    Like an outgrown organ
                    To be hurled into the record
                    of future dismay

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