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                                  AMITA JAYANT SANGHAVI
                                   AMITA JAYANT SANGHAVI
                                   AMITA JAYANT SANGHAVI

                    The reflectoem came as a sheer surprise to me. The very concept is
                                      highly innovative and truly intriguing.
                                       The two sample poems were unique.
                                  What an experimental poet is Shajil Anthru!
                   The core of a poem lies in its essence. While this form will be tried by
                    many, only a master poet will do justice to the form and the essence

                  and not merely play with it. With the uniqueness and the brevity of the
                    poem, the significance and the appeal of the central message of the
                    poem itself will have to be preserved. Just as Haiku has two ground
                       rules, reflectoems will have to have ground rules to discourage
                      'rubbish' from diluting the absolutely fantastic innovative style.
                  Therefore while I applaud this beautiful endeavor and am super in love
                    with it, the word of caution to Shajil Anthru is he will have to review
                    each reflectoem very carefully and test them for their poetic quality
                             and zeal ALONGWITH their befitting use of the form.

                     In fact, he is now going to have to be rigorously selective as well as
                   patient not to jeopardize his new form by accepting mediocre poetry
                                           dressed up in fish bone form.

                       If Haiku cannot be Haiku without imagery from Nature and its
                    creatures, and 17 syllables, Shajil Anthru has to work on making this
                      form a classic for posterity by putting down rules that ensure its
                                        content matches up with its form.

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