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                                                  PINA PICCOLO
                                                  PINA PICCOLO
                                                  PINA PICCOLO

                     With poetry, you know, that taste is really a subjective thing and there
                      have been many experiments here in Europe with writing verse in the
                     shape of something. For me it is a little bit too cerebral of an enterprise
                      as far as form, on one hand and on the other the content is based on
                        feelings, which again is not something that I favor in writing. But I
                     know that a lot of people are into poetry as an expression of sentiment
                                , so I think that it will suit many who are in that vein.

                                         MOULINATH GOSWAMI
                                         MOULINATH GOSWAMI
                                         MOULINATH GOSWAMI

                    The first time I came across the poster for Fish Bone literature, I was
                  intrigued. I had no idea, to be very candid. Now that the same has seen
                   the light of the day, I turned the pages and heard the short poems as
                    spoken by Shajil Anthru. I find the form interesting. It has immense
                      scope for further exploration, both in rhyme and in blank-verse.
                  Thanks to Shajil for incorporating Fish Bone. Looking forward for more
                                          experimentation on this form...


                    Fish bone poems make the best use of visual and textual aspects of
                        communication. It expounds more meaning through different

                   arrangement of words. It is a very interesting form of poetry and has
                    more scope for creative expression for both the writer as well as the

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