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                                       NAFISA PARVIN IRANI
                                        NAFISA PARVIN IRANI
                                        NAFISA PARVIN IRANI

                  Today,  I  read  the  ever  new  genre  in  English  literature,  discovered  by
                  the word magician, Shajil Anthru. When I first heard about the word, I
                  assumed it to be the skeleton like literature, which will focus only on
                  the  ribs  of  a  poetry  or  prose  form,  no  flesh  means  no  exaggeration,
                  only the true and strong emotions. Then Google it, and found “a cause

                  and effect diagram...the problem or effect is displayed at the head or
                  mouth of the fish." Then I thought, it would be like the shape of the
                  fish  too.  I  mean,  like  the  body  structure  of  the  fish's  bone.  Our
                  emotions, thoughts and feelings get flattened in the stomach but only
                  the  strong  ones  will  come  out  through  the  mouth.  Having  so  many
                  thoughts in my mind, today I read the special edition of "Reflectoem",
                  called  “The  Fish  Bone  Literature"  with  Shajil  Anthru's  two  poems.  At
                  first,  the  structure  of  the  poem  attract  me,  like  the  skeleton  of  a
                  fish...but don't get proper meaning of the poem. Then I play the 'play"
                  option...and yeh. It is an amazing concept indeed. You have to read the
                  first  line  with  the  rib  line  then  the  last  line,  and  the  rest  poem  is  a
                  sequence  of  the  same  process  and  finally  you  will  have  the  finishing
                  line in the mouth of the fish. It's totally amazing, but you have to know
                  the  proper  way  of  reading  the  poem.  I  think,  it's  not  a  just  literary
                  work, here we mix literature with art...the art in the way of expression.
                  I loved it very much. People will love it, especially the little ones with
                  the technic to read it out. ... ...

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