Page 39 - February 2021
P. 39

J A C K   F O L E Y

         O N

         F I S H   B O N E

         L I T E R A T U R E

                    Fish  bones:  something  dead  issuing  in

                    something  alive.  The  various  comments  all

                    center  on  the  newness  of  the  form  and  its

                    considerable                 effectiveness.                Shajil          has

                    created a new form for lyricism—a form that

                    combines  various  modes  of  the  visual  and

                    the  auditory  intersecting  in  a  way  that

                    honors  multiplicity,  possibility,  but  which

                    issues in a single emotion: happy, sad, love.

                    It’s great to hear the poet’s voice speak these

                    pieces  even  as  we  see  the  various  different

                    elements  that  he  chooses.  We  have  a  sense

                    that  other  arrangements  might  be  possible

                    even  as  we  hear  the  poet  choosing  this

                    arrangement.  In  a  short  space,  many

                    potentially  contradictory  elements  emerge

                    and speak to each other. It’s a hymn to the
                    radical openness of the mind

        litterateur                                                                February 2021
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