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                                             JOANNA BUNIEK
                                             JOANNA BUNIEK

                                              W H O   I   A M

                                       L  i  v  e  s     i  n     L  e  b  o  r  k  ,  P  o  l  a  n  d

                    A.      Siek      is      my
                    pseudonym,  this  is  how
                    I sign my paintings.
                    While  painting  I  made
                    my  life  dream  come
                    true.      Art  has  always
                    been in me, I love it and
                    see  painting  to  be    my
                    destiny,  I  am  deeply
                    into  it.    I  live  in  the
                    northern part of Poland,
                    in Lębork, a small town
                    near the sea.  I love this
                    place,  I  have  always

                    been    inspired  by  the
                    vastness  of  the  sea  ...
                    especially  in  different
                    weather  scenarioes  .    I
                    started painting 9 years
                    ago,        I       learned
                    everything  by  myself.    I
                    am      a    teacher      by
                    profession  -  this  is  my
                    second  passion.    My
                    specific      view       and
                    personal  approach  to
                    painting topics has been
                    appreciated          several
                    times      by      different
                    competition juries.

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