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C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  V  E     G  R  O  U  P     ‘  N  O  I
                                 R  E  B  E  L  D  Í  A  ’
                       F  r  a  n  c  e  s  c  a     M  e  d  a  g  l  i  a     –     U  n  i  v  e  r  s  i  t  y     o  f
                              R  o  m  e     “  L  a     S  a  p  i  e  n  z  a  ”

             At the end of the period of production of the texts, which usually lasts about
             four months, the poetic r agrees on its final form, which will subsequently be
             published in paper form (CFR ed.). We are winning wing was the first collective
             composition (2010). L’ora zero (2014), the second. Guevara goguEr and Er Giap
             the  two  most  recent  texts  (2015  and  2016).  Over  the  years,  the  group  has
             expanded  further,  including,  in  addition  to  the  initial  poets,  also  actors,
             musicians and other painters. The collective has slowly attracted the interest
             of  various  scholars:  in  this  regard,  see  various  articles  published  (also  in
             scientific journals) by Francesca Medaglia, Francesco Muzzioli, Marco Palladini
             and  Giuseppe  Panella.  The  work  of  'Noi  Rebeldía',  together  with  that  of  'Wu
             Ming' and 'SIC', was also the subject of a degree thesis (Faculty of Humanities,
             2013-2014) at the University of Palermo. Moreover, the group was the subject
             of  a  lesson  in  the  course  of  “Literary  Criticism”  at  University  of  Rome  “La
             Sapienza”  (2019-2020).  Among  the  essays,  the  two  most  recent  are:  Come
             funzione  iconica  e  matrice,  la  geometrica  sferica  nel  “Paradiso”  di  Dante,  in

             “Col  dire  poesia  …  Con  omaggio  a  Dante  nella  ricorrenza  dei  700  anni  dalla
             morte  (Nicolò  Mineo  ed.)”,  Prova  d’Autore,  Catania  2020;  Con  “0  =  ∞”  fra  le
             pieghe  temporali  dell’infinito  leopardiano,  in  “L’infinita  solitudine-  Antologia
             ragionata delle poesie (Sonia Caporossi ed.), Marco Saya Edizioni, Milano 2020.
             In  the  historical,  cultural  and  social  context  of  the  post-Fordist  capitalist
             modernization,  the  goal  of  'Noi  Rebeldía'  was  to  give  a  critical  and  satirical
             voice to a political poem (varying the meter and rhythm) as an alternative to
             intimist lyricism.
             Therefore, the themes proposed by each incipit (see the index of L'ora zero) are
             strogly  political,  i.e.  Lampedusa  degli  sbarchi,  L’eridentità,  Dalle  terre
             mafiomorre, Foemina, Foemina tunisina 2013, Europa gossip, L’incesto politico,
             etc. ‘Noi Rebeldía’ operates as a collective voice-action, no longer deprived of
             commitment. Continuing the work of the Italian neo-avant-gardes, the group

             proposes itself as a free avant-garde: a material and historical collective avant-
             garde opposed to today's individualistic neocapitalistic relationships.

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