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C O L L E C T I V E   G R O U P   ‘ N O I

                                               R E B E L D Í A ’

                          F  r  a  n  c  e  s  c  a     M  e  d  a  g  l  i  a     –     U  n  i  v  e  r  s  i  t  y     o  f

                                         R  o  m  e     “  L  a     S  a  p  i  e  n  z  a  ”

             The  poetic  collective  group  'Noi  Rebeldía'  was  born  in  2010  from  the  poet
             Antonino  Contiliano’s  idea  (former  creator  and  director  of  the  3  books
             Compagni  di  strada  caminando,  ’Elmotel  blues  and  Marcha  Hacker-risata
             cyberfreak).  Initially  composed  of  a  small  group  (3/4  poets  plus  the  Sicilian
             painter  Giacomo  Cuttone),  thanks  to  the  World  Wide  Web,  the  group  has
             extended the number of members and its network throughout Italy (keeping
             Marsala, Rome, Naples and Florence as main centers). The literary writing of
             the group, strongly oriented to poetry as a privileged means of communication
             and inspired by a Marxist criticism (referring, in particular, to Lukács, Jameson
             and Adorno), proceeds by ‘anonymisation’.

             The central focus is to achieve a collective and anonymous poem: starting from
             an incipit created by one of the poets, the other members of the group engage
             with further stanzas (limited lines in free form), using the mounting procedure.
             The strophic connection takes place one at a time and without each knowing
             the identity of the one who precedes his verses. The rules, public and binding,
             are  disseminated  by  mailing  list  and  online  publication,  including
     The  identification  details  provided  during  the
             sending  of  the  text  are  disclosed  only  at  the  conclusion  of  the  work  without
             being linked to the contribution given, but placed all together in alphabetical
             order at the end of the text. Therefore, no participant has the right to declare
             individual ownership both for the completed text and for parts of it. The whole
             work  must  be  recognized  by  everyone  as  property  of  all  (without  specifying
             their contribution).

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