Page 26 - February 2021
P. 26

T H E   R O O T S   O F   T H E   P A S T

                                   T  r  a  n  s  l  a  t  e  d     b  y     P  i  n  a     P  i  c  c  o  l  o

                      it is time to kill lighting
                      the light that hides the stars from us
                      the transparency of killers
                      the funeral of the language of dreams

                      I would like poets to be toxic butterflies
                      monkfish lurking and fearsome
                      disguised and ready to deceive
                      the truth bending to outsiders

                      Heliconidae monkfish of Time
                      the power of falsehood belies  a truth
                      in them, memories of the future, absence
                      the oblique gaze on the fixed point of the

                      the roots of the past gift us earthquakes

                      rhizomes and watchful fording and dance
                      and Mount Aetna, land of apparent death,
                      my volcano, its lava quasars

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