Page 24 - February 2021
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R I D I   P A G L I A C C I O

                                   T  r  a  n  s  l  a  t  e  d     b  y     P  i  n  a     P  i  c  c  o  l  o

                      Ridi pagliaccio is comic opera
                      the rosary asks not the curtain
                      but thornless investing the universal
                      consumption the uniform the binge
                      dentures  as scars of conflicts
                      and seabeds  as border ossuaries

                      it is the ice passage and rough sleeping
                      and fugue played by a dwarf pianist on a Peano
                      not a Joseph of Christ born and spun
                      a Huey Dewey Louie identity played and born
                      and grim is the voice carrying the aorta
                      as the earth fails to fall, burn or decay

                      contingency and allowance are the port of gates
                      sideways and bowed is the Harlequin step
                      shoot at the forehead shoot in front

                      the obese shot at the stone aiming at the bridge
                      surging is a wave aimed at the front
                      and the wind swept skirts an arch to Gregale

                      what to say if dementia is not the in-patient!

                      Ware the people ?

                      is it perhaps absence of a different seed?

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