Page 20 - February 2021
P. 20

I S T A N T E                     I N S T A N T

                                  T  r  a  n  s  l  a  t  e  d     b  y        P  i  n  a     P  i  c  c  o  l  o

                     si danza la notte                         we dance at night
                     e lento                                   and slow
                     frammenta                                 a drop

                     stalattite di tempo                       fragments
                     goccia                                    stalactite of time
                     s’apprende                                we learn

                     scivola lo sguardo                        the gaze slips

                     il mare dorme                             the sea sleeps
                     né si lamenta                             nor does it complain

                     sta                                       it stays

                     fuori fogliama                            out it lovesleaves
                     curvo cura                                hunched down it cares

                     si in-stant                               thus the in-stant stays

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