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                                          THE BLACK SWAN
                                           THE BLACK SWAN

                                G I A C O M O   C U T T O N E

                                              M  a  r  s  a  l  a  ,     I  t  a  l  y

                   The work "The black swan" (acrylic on canvas 50x50) was created
                   in 2020 and is part of a cycle of works entitled "Suspension" that
                   the Sicilian artist Giacomo Cuttone created in quarantine, during
                   the first wave of the pandemic COVID-19.
                   In  the  work,  a  black  swan  towers  over  the  water,  occupying
                   almost  all  of  the  space.  We  humans  are  left  with  only  the  one
                   inside our homes. The black swan is a metaphor, or (to simplify)
                   an  image  that  shows  an  unexpected  and  invisible  event,  which
                   has  significant  effects,  and  which  an  artist  represents  by  visual

                   figure  and  geometry.  The  Black  Swan  Theory  was  developed  by
                   Nassim  Nicholas  Taleb  to  explain  the  disproportionate
                   importance  of  certain  high-impact,  difficult  to  predict  and  very
                   rare events.
                   The  work  was  published  on  on  25
                   March  2020,  "Giornale  di  Sicilia"  (newspaper)  of  27  March  2020,
           n.  6  of  30  April  2020  and  finally
                   opens the video "The Song of Birds at the Time of the Pandemic",
                   created  by  the  Legambiente  Marsala-Petrosino  club  and
                   uploaded  to  YouTube  channels  on  14  May  2020  and  on  Spiragli
                   magazine, new series, year 1, n.1 (2020).

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