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                                   STORY OF A METAL BOX
                                    STORY OF A METAL BOX

                   collection that we were able to leave the Soviet Union. I won’t go into
                   all the details of what it was like to apply to the OVIR for permission
                   to  leave,  and  I  won’t  compare  the  process  to  the  Russian  roulette,
                   although it would have been the right comparison. One day we were
                   lucky and got our permission. Now my parents had to buy four plane
                   tickets to Vienna, and they didn't have enough money. My father sold
                   his  whole  stamp  collection  to  a  well-known  philatelist  in  Moscow,
                   and  with  that  money  he  was  able  to  buy  us  four  plane  tickets  to
                   Vienna. And this is the end of the story of the black metal box with
                   pictures of stamps on all its sides, although the box itself is alive and
                   well and standing in front of me.

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